Covid 19 - Helpful Travel Information

What to Expect at the Inn

Be assured that we, a licensed/inspected/insured/permitted lodging provider are committed to your health and safety!

Lodging is deemed an essential business in the state of Washington. People choose to travel for various reasons - work, caring for loved ones, recreation and more. Balancing travel needs with safety, we are taking a very precautionary approach to the situation. We closed our doors for a couple months to do our part to limit exposure as the state and nation determined the best path to healing. Recently the Governor of Washington communicated a phased approach to recovery and with that announcement we opened our doors with precautions and recommendations from our hotel/lodging association, science, and local, county and state guidelines. With this approach there is at least a 3-week interval between phases of opening to allow time for tracking success prior to moving to the next phase. A few highlights follow of what you’ll see here at the inn when you arrive:

  • Personal Protection. Masks are available if desired or needed and you will see hand sanitizer at points of entry/exit. You have your own bathroom with plenty of soap for hand washing. Common areas and surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, etc.) are sanitized several times throughout the day.

  • Occupancy. At least through the current phase we will operate at a 50-75% room capacity, thereby limiting exposure.

  • Dining. We continue to serve our multi-course breakfasts (adjusting as necessary with what we have from the greenhouse and what we find at our local farm/grocery suppliers!) and you will have a couple seating times available as necessary to allow for personal space as needed. 

  • Restaurants. Most are open with takeout and delivery  options now, and if all continues favorably, restaurants will open for in-house dining with the next phase...all of this of course with various social distancing and other practices incorporated. We happily offer various eating locations at the Inn for any takeout meals you choose to eat here (upstairs dining room, greenhouse, etc.). 

  • Many of our state and county parks are open and we hope to see the National Parks (federal) to begin opening in some fashion within a month or so as well. Beach and trail hikes, biking, bird watching, sunsets and more are available for you – just respect your fellow explorer’s personal space.

Our geographic location, low population density, and compliant residents here on the Olympic Peninsula have resulted in very low cases of the virus. We are optimistic that every few weeks the community will move to more normal levels of activity. 

When the time is right, we look forward to seeing you. Please let us know if you have any questions as you plan your visit!

Brown driftwood stump  at the Dungeness Bay

Driftwood on the Dungeness Bay